We're a new full service agency in New York City, brought together by one belief:
great work sells more stuff, and selling more stuff is the only meaningful metric for clients.
At various agencies, our team members have won hundreds of awards, and grown brands billions of dollars. We just haven't done it for you yet.


Jonathan Rodgers
Chief Creative Officer

As a writer, creative director and most recently, deputy chief creative officer (of Grey NY) I've been fortunate to work for - and significantly grow - some of the world's greatest brands: McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Olive Garden, AT&T, Aetna, Pepsi, Wendy's, Progressive, HP, and FedEx. Dairy Queen for instance, went from red numbers to nearly 40% growth in a few years time and was hailed as the "best fast food advertising in the world."

Not surprisingly, I believe in the magic of advertising. And the impact of ideas - across all channels - that make brands enduring and loved. I believe in the human insights that drive great work, and a relentless search to find them. I believe that clients want and value great creative, they'd just kinda like you to sell their product too.

Along the way, I've won every major creative award several or many times over, including Cannes Lions, Clios, Emmys, London Int'l, and D&AD (over 200 awards in total, and four Grand Prix) and have work in the Clio Hall of Fame, and the permanent collection of MOMA. I've won Super Bowl polls, Olympic polls, and People's Choice awards. It's rumored I've made at least five people laugh out loud.

Nat Puccio
Chief Strategy Officer

Strategic planning for brands isn't about destinations. It's about trajectories. I suppose that's an apt metaphor for my years doing it. I keep learning, keep growing, and stay curious.

Over the years, I've created the strategic planning for MasterCard, Motorola, DuPont, Burger King, Kohl's, Lowe's, Marriott, Avis, Agilent, Wendy's, Capital One, Microsoft, Intel, and some of the world's most popular beverages - Coke, PowerAde, Poland Spring, Miller High Life, Samuel Adams and Rolling Rock. Some particularly well-known work to come from my insights include the MasterCard "Priceless" campaign, the E-trade "Baby" campaign, and the "Army Strong" campaign.

I've also created my own proprietary strategic planning platform, "Brand Acceleration", which lays out a roadmap for brands to energize their loyal customer base, blaze new paths to profits, and establish an effective and differentiating competitive position in the marketplace. It seems to have worked a bit: I've won over a dozen "Effies" – for effectiveness - measured purely in awareness and sales. In fact the MasterCard campaign was so effective, over so many years, the Effies created a new category to acknowledge it: long-term campaign efficacy.

Peter Foster
Creative / Art Director

If you've watched TV in the past fifteen years, there's a fair chance I've made you hungry. Really hungry. For 10 years, I was the Creative Director and Art Director on Olive Garden's "When you're here, you're family" campaign, one of the most successful retail restaurant campaigns in history. Over those years, I helped lead them to 40 straight quarters of growth, including during '08 and '09 - the very toughest retail years.

A key component of that growth was a program I created to work far upstream with Olive Garden's Culinary Development team. Before new dishes were even released for in-restaurant testing, I helped to perfect the look of the food, working to design dishes that I knew would photograph beautifully (and perfectly) once on set, driving maximum crave.

I've brought that same aesthetic to shooting highly craveable food for Dairy Queen, Wendy's, Domino's, Stovetop Stuffing, and Post Cereals. When not shooting food and growing restaurant brands (not often) I've developed successful campaigns across traditional, digital, and branded content platforms for Banana Boat, Goldman Sachs, American General Insurance, Progressive, Degree, Gallo Wines, Nerf, and Parker Brothers.

Bill Goodspeed
Account Director

I understand how best to bring a brand’s message to its target audience and how to use media -- from billboards to tweets -- to generate buzz and awareness. My Comp Art studio, founded in the late 80's, grew into a digital and design powerhouse, thanks to work with a long list of top-notch clients including Pepsi, New Line Cinema, American Express, Seagrams, Oracle, and Directv.

I've also overseen work for the World Champion New York Yankees since 1996, and helped Lufthansa German Airlines increase flights from the US to India by 20% per year for three years running.

When I manage to escape work, I golf, attend rock concerts, golf, watch the Yankees, golf, barbecue, and play a little more golf.

Ryan Kelly
Director of Media & Media Strategy

My knowledge and expertise in digital display comes from years spent consulting with hundreds of digital advertising clients, exploring tactics that will achieve their goals... and provide them the maximum ROI on their investment. I've worked at The New York Times, WPP, and most recently I was Digital Director at Media-Corps. In addition to my role at Craveology, I frequently serve as a guest lecturer on the topic of digital advertising strategy at New York University and General Assembly.

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